• Cindy Garcia (Cal State LA, Biochemistry)

  • Nia Huggins (Cal State LA, Biology)

  • Kevin Mai (Cal State LA, Biology)

  • Jessica Romero (Cal State LA, Physics – Biophysics option + Biochemistry)

  • Alex Zhou (Cal State LA, Physics)


  • Gabriel Lucero (Cal State LA, Mathematics)

  • Frederick Wade (Cal State LA, Physics)


  • Jesse Garcia Castillo (Cal State LA, Microbiology; research technician at UCSF)

  • Dail Chapman (Scripps, Biophysics; PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Biosciences at UC Irvine)

  • Nicole Cruz (Cal State LA, Microbiology)

  • Roxanne Fries (Claremont McKenna, Biophysics and Economics; MD program at Keck School of Medicine of USC)

  • Stella Hoft (Pitzer, Biophysics; PhD/MD program at Saint Louis University)

  • Kiley Lawrence (Scripps, Biophysics; MD program at Stanford School of Medicine)

  • Georgia Macy (Scripps, Biophysics; DVM program at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine)

  • Tracey Ng (Cal State LA, Physics – Biophysics option)

  • Yecenia Peraza (Cal State LA, Biochemistry; MS program in Chemistry at San Diego State)

  • Jon Steck (Claremont McKenna, Physics; software developer at Deep Forest Media)

  • Erin Uhlfelder (Cal State LA, Physics MS)

  • Lucas Velasquez (Cal State LA, Physics)


Undergraduate students of all majors and MS students in Physics or Biology are encouraged to send me an e-mail.  My preferred "schedule" for new students is to have them start during the summer and then continue their research during the academic year.  Prospective research students should have completed – or be close to completing – introductory coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics (calculus).  Coursework in introductory biology, statistics, and/or biochemistry is also useful, but not a requirement.  Previous computer programming experience is not required.